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  • G5 BJJ Uniform White & Green
  • G5 BJJ Uniform White & Green
  • G5 BJJ Uniform White & Green


G5 BJJ Uniform White & Green

$ 139.99



Before going into competition, choosing the right armor can be the difference between winning and losing.  With the championship on the line, what gear are you going to choose to protect yourself? In BJJ the fit of your uniform is just that, the difference between winning or losing.

AK-47 MMA is proud to present the latest in BJJ Gi technology.  A revolutionary break though in uniform design and performance….presenting G5 by AK-47 MMA.  The best fitting gi in the world.  

With 11 different detailed sizes to select from ranging from fitted, long & husky.

G5 by AK-47 MMA offers a high quality Japanese dyed, preshrunk 460 gram pearl weave top that is both light and strong.

The pants are ripstop and feature six pant loops, stretchy bungee cord, and Gi material in the gusset and knees for ultimate reinforcement.

Whatever your battle may be, always protect yourself with the best, G5 by AK-47MMA the ultimate armor.

Approximate weight 3 - 3.5 lbs

Share your ultimate armor battles at @AK-47mma & #UltimateArmor #G5

The new G5 GI’s are available now!

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