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  • Adidas Chest Guard
  • Adidas Chest Guard
  • Adidas Chest Guard


Adidas Chest Guard

$ 79.99



* Officially recognized by the W.T.F.(World Tae Kwon Do Federation).
* This durable chest guard features a foam rubber padding enclosed inside a vinyl shell.
* Straps go through loops on sides and tie in back to keep chest guard in place.
* Large shoulder pads.
* Reversible, red on one side, blue on the other.
* Chest, back, shoulders, and sides protection
* Impact absorbing foam padding
* Features a durable vinyl covering
* Easy to use closure
* Reversible with both blue and red colored sides
* Maximum protection without limiting movement

The reversible Adidas Chest Guard is built for maximum protection and comfort without restricting mobility. This reversible chest guard with red and blue sides features shock absorbing foam padding under a durable vinyl shell. This guard will keep you safe from injury and offers excellent chest, back, shoulders, and side protection. This Adidas Chest Guard is brought to you by Kim Pacific Martial Arts Supply the Bay Area Leader in Adidas Martial Arts Equipment.

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