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  • Adidas Forearm Guard


Adidas Forearm Guard

$ 34.99



* Features 5 vinyl-covered areas that effectively absorb high impacts
* contoured to fit your forearm comfortably, narrowing at the wrists.
* Keeps your forearm safe from injury
* Snug, safe fit without restricting your movement
* Features elastic straps with an easy-to-use hook and loop closure for easy adjustments

These Adidas forearm guards feature 5 vinyl-covered areas that absorb and disperse impact, preventing injury while sparring. They feature a comfortable contoured design that widen near the elbow and narrow at the wrists, giving you a snug, safe fit. Elastic straps comfortable hold your guard in place and a hook-and-loop closure allows for easy adjustments and fastening. The Adidas Forearm guard has Five vinyl covered sections that efficiently absorb and disperse impacts. The design of this Adidas Forearm Protector is wide at the elbow and narrow towards the wrist to provide a comfortable fit. WTF recognized forearm protector. Absorbs shock and disperses impact. Five layers of high density foam protection covered with soft vinyl. Wide top, narrow bottom provides ergonomic fit and protects the entire forearm. Two elastic straps with hook & loop closure.  This Adidas Forearm Guard is brought to you by Kim Pacific Martial Arts Supply the Bay Area Leader in Adidas Martial Arts Equipment.

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