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Adidas Head Gear

$ 59.99



WTF approved dipped foam head guard - Unique ear guards designed to absorb impact. - Velcro chin strap - It comes in 3 colors (white, blue & red). * World Taekwondo Federation Approved * Keeps your head safe from high impact with shock-absorbing foam * Specially cut to reduce pressure on your neck * Protects your ears with ear guards * Snug comfortable fit * Features a Velcro chin strap for easy adjustment * Features air holes for better ventilation Recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation, the Adidas foam head gear is designed to keep you safe during the most intense sparring workouts. The Adidas head gear features a protective foam padding designed to absorb high impacts and prevent injury. The head gear is light but durable and features a special cut designed to reduce uncomfortable neck pressure normally caused by other head gear. It features ear-release canals to protect your ears and air holes to provide you with excellent ventilation. The gear will fit snug and comfortably and uses a Velcro closure for a secure fit.  This Adidas Head Gear is brought to you by Kim Pacific Martial Arts Supply the Bay Area Leader in Adidas Martial Arts Equiptment.

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